"It is a pleasure to present to the public our Online Exhibition of 2021. We had an excellent response from artists from all parts of the UK, who have submitted a host of beautiful and intriguing artworks in all media and in a wide range of styles.

It has always been a central principle that Aberdeen Artists Society shows work from both professionals and amateur artists, the criteria being first that we select works according to the best judgement of our selectors and secondly that our skilled and experienced Curators and Hangers will construct an Exhibition arrangement from these selected works to the highest possible standards.

Aberdeen Artists Society has selected from our Online Exhibition 2021 several brilliant prizewinning works for awards, and an illustrated list of these is attached, along with comments from the Chairman of the panel of judges, Andy Dewar. We send our warmest congratulations and best wishes to the prizewinners.

While the migration of our Annual Exhibition from Aberdeen Art Gallery to a purely online electronic exhibition presents a number of constraints and limitations, we believe that the excellence of the production over two consecutive years speaks for itself, and the online format even has some advantages in the facility with which it may be viewed anywhere and at any time. Nevertheless we are eagerly looking forward to our 'Real World' Gallery show at Aberdeen Art Gallery in the spring of 2022, when we hope to rekindle our long-term creative relationship with our friends and colleagues at Aberdeen Art Gallery and Museums.

Meanwhile I would like to express my thanks to all the talented artists who submitted work to our Online Exhibition 2021, to the membership of Aberdeen Artists Society, to the hard working AAS Council and to our Selectors and Curators who under the guidance of Past President Andy Dewar and his colleagues made this exciting exhibition a reality. Finally I would llike to express my appreciation of the work of the Isle of Lewis-based firm Int-Tech, whose software systems, brilliantly created by Andy Laffan, have made our lives very much easier."

Dr Donnie Ross, President of Aberdeen Artists Society.