Fly away home

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Acrylic on canvas

h: 46 w: 36 d: 4 (cms).

My current practice examines themes of loss, rebirth and the reverence of the natural world. The escape from the prosaic into the transcendent through the metamorphosis of self, and the tension between the mundanity of the domestic and the atavistic call of the wild.

Working from the perspective of a woman going through the changes commensurate with my years, I am drawn to the words of Charlotte Perkins-Gillman in ‘The Yellow Wallpaper’ and Barbara Newhall Follett in ‘The House Without Windows’: the yearning for an escape from the cage of tacitly agreed upon comfort we call a house, and ‘normal’ life.

By employing the symbols of femininity and domesticity juxtaposed with the natural world, it is my intent to create a narrative that expresses the desire for a simpler way to realise our potential for nurturing and healing. It is my belief that the trappings of modern living are sundering us from that which is true and beautiful; that both our mental and physical wellness are suffering as a result.


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