Homemade Cherry Blossom

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mixed media

h: 11 w: 18 d: 18 (cms).

Much of my work during the last year since March 2020 has been exploring the themes of motherhood and domestic life. I spent a lot of time at home with my five year old son, attending to his homeschooling during lockdown and juggling chores, alongside my own artistic practice. I have used quite a few found or recycled domestic objects in my work from this period. This piece was made using a pink velvet curtain from his bedroom cut up into blossom leaves, leaves made from plaster scrim, and a glass jar. I painted each of the velvet leaves with watercolour. The blossom on the Meadows nearby where we live, where we spent so much time this past year getting our daily exercise, has a fleeting transient beauty. This piece represents how we can recreate the beauty of nature using mostly domestic materials. It also has a solidity, a permanence, in contrast to the real cherry blossoms blooming outside our home.


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